Why You Should Renovate Your Home This Year

Let’s be honest. It seems like Home Renovation in Ontario is getting into a frenzy! This may be because renovation at its core is a part of human nature. We love to modernize, revamp and improve ourselves and our surroundings . This is why we are so much different than our ancestors. Well, not in  a physical manner but how we speak, act, dress, and live. Speaking of living, renovating a home is perhaps, the biggest thing you would do to live the way you want.Your home is your personal space. Living in it should result in a satisfying experience. Otherwise, you’re not living in your dream home (which is why you should renovate). However, there are several other rewarding reasons as to why you should renovate your home. This article answers just that. In this article, we will be discussing top three reasons why you should renovate your home this year.

1) Renovations are the affordable option! 

That’s right.

A recent survey revealed that Canadians prefer to renovate (their already-owned house) than to move to another place. Why? Because relocating has been shown  to be a lot more expensive than renovating, and still, you don’t get to have your custom dream home.Most of the Canadians are now starting to consider installing outdoor patios, deck and driveways as well as painting and flooring their home to improve its environment.

UPDATE: Home Renovation in Ontario is on the rise since 2016. This resulted in an  increase in available, reliable and affordable Home Remodelling Services in Ontario. In this crowded market place let Mike and M and J Carpentry work for you!

2) Renovations & Remodelling Saves Energy

If you’re tired of paying costly energy bills, renovation can be your solution.

Introducing replacement windows to your home can be a big energy saver as they redistribute thermal energy efficiently. Insulating your home reduces the use of ceiling fans, heating and air-conditioning systems etc. Considering renovating your home this year would result in saving BIG on energy bills, which, in our opinion, is quite smart. As we said, Home Renovation in Ontario is becoming a trend; most Canadians are now turning their heads towards energy saving strategies and guess what?Home remodelling/renovation are their number one choice!We recommend hiring the RIGHT contractor, which can actually prove to be very useful when you are planning to reduce your energy bills by big numbers.They can help identify changes effectively. In fact, most contractors provide specific renovation services geared toward, “Save On Energy” style Renovations .Why spend your money on ineffective solutions when renovation can do the job?

3) Renovation Improves Property Value

This is a hard fact no one can back from. Renovating not only allows you to own a delightful place with a dreamy ambiance, it also adds value to your current property.mThis may be why most realtors renovate, and sometimes remodel, before selling the property to its customer/client. But not every renovation improves property value. According to a CNBC article, one of the most rewarding projects are: renovating bathroom, kitchen and outdoors. However, refinishing hardwood floors, painting home interior, installing/improving patio and landscaping is also considered fruitful. And the best part? You can remodel your house in a home in a way that makes it eco-friendly, provides value to it and delivers a backdrop you always yearned for.


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We’re curious. What’s your big motive that drives you to renovate your home?


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